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Dog Treat Warning!!!!!

Once again, Walmart.... please read all my doggie friends!! Please pass on to your friends who have dogs too! Attention my fellow dog owners.

Yesterday my mom gave my dogs Frankie and Charlie a natural ham bone she bought at Walmart. She has never bought this brand (Dynamic Pet dog bones) or type of bone before until a couple days ago. Today, after my mom and I came home from shopping, we found puke and diarrhea in the house. We weren't sure what had happened or which dog had gotten sick. While cleaning up the diarrhea, mom found bone shards and a little bit of blood. When we let the dogs outside, Frankie had more diarrhea, blood and bone shards were present again. Then he tried to use the bathroom again but wasn't really able to and blood was dripping from his back end. We brought him to the vet and discovered that he has some bone shards that are becoming too difficult to pass and could potentially become dangerous.

When I looked up this brand and type of bone, I found out that a lot of dog owners have had their pets get very sick & many have even died from these bones. Often the bone shards puncture their intestines and they have extreme vomiting and diarrhea. Luckily we brought Frankie in and are getting treatment before this gets too serious.

These reviews have been ignored by Dynamic Pet dog bones and Walmart. Companies are continuing to sell these bones without consumers knowing how dangerous they are! Please don't buy these bones for your pets and share to spread the word.