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About Our Treats

We Do It For The Love Of Our Pets

Barky Bites Dog Treats is all about the freshest and best ingredients to be used in our dogs treats. 


We are a small batch bakery/jerk smokehouse in Chicago IL and our main mission is to make the best and healthiest treats for our pets.


All of our jerkies are human-grade (pet safe) using only mild pet-friendly seasonings. 


We hand-select all of our ingredients never purchased in bulk or by the skid.


We hand slice every piece, no piece of our jerky is alike.

About Us

Made in Chicago!

Chef, Restaurateur and KCBS BBQ Professional Judge and Winner Chris Vecchio is jumping into an all-new adventure at age 50 and started Barky Bites Dog Treats in 2017 inspired his new puppy IZZY and the massive amounts of recalls (and deaths) in the pet industry.


"When Izzy came into my life, she had severe allergies. I then found out how dangerously poor the quality of pet treats and food are in the market, and knew I had to do something..." 


So Chris launched BARKY BITES DOG TREATS using only the best ingredients and his award-winning techniques to make the best pet cookies and jerky you can buy for your fur-baby.











Subscription Boxes

Our All-Natural Treats to your Door Monthly

    Fresh product made within 24 hours

Boxes from Small to Large dogs

Starting at $19 per month









About Our Process

We use only farm fresh products and never buy in bulk. We hand select every item and only pick out the best.


We only use locally sourced from farms in Wisconson & IL 













We only use dog & cat-friendly mild spices in our jerky.

All of our ingredients have a health factor benefit...












True Artisan

We Love Using Our Hands!


  • We Hand Wash

  • We Hand Mix

  • We Hand Trim

  • We Hand Slice

  • We Hand Cut

  • We Hand Bag











Why Do We Do It?

We Do It To Give Pets A Voice! 

We Do It Because Our Pets Deserves The Best!

We Do It To Educate!

We Do It Because We Can!

We Do It For Luv!









Izzy & Mommy

We Are Seeking Retailers

Fresh product made within 24 hours









Free Chicagoland delivery 









We offer great margins (52% plus)









Low minimum ordering; one case










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